EFForTS-Information System

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Quick Start Guide


When I try to login, why does the page just refresh and clear my username and password?

Your browser is blocking cookies. You need to allow cookies for this website.

Where is all the stuff you promised? I can't see anything.

You first have to create an account. After your first login, we have to check whether you are on the list of authorized persons or not. As this has to be done manually, it may take a day or two before we will grant you access rights - we will inform you by email when this is done.

Do I have to upload the data I've collected and the results of my work in the database?


Where can I get help on using EFForTS-IS?

You will get access to the help files once the authoization process is completed. As this requires some manual work by the administrators, it may take a day or two.

Where can I find general information about EFForTS?

See the project website